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Agirad specializes in providing expert services in toxicological study monitoring, preparation of toxicological dossiers, toxicological (risk) assessments and GLP implementation and auditing.

Our expertise spans various industries, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.

Additionally, Agirad is committed to sharing knowledge through teaching programs focused on toxicology and quality. With a dedication to excellence, Agirad is your trusted partner for comprehensive toxicological solutions.

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Agirad provides study monitoring, regulatory, scientific & quality consulting services to pharmaceutical, chemical, medical devices and other companies.

Study Monitoring Support

Agirad ensures that studies are designed appropriately, conducted within the proper regulatory framework, reported with clarity, within the required timelines and budget.

Regulatory & scientific support

Agirad safeguards the calculation of safety limits, prepares toxicology sections in regulatory documents & registration dossiers, and argumentation to Regulatory Authorities

Quality support

Agirad embraces the correct understanding and interpretation of the content of the principles of GLP, in order to produce high quality and reliable data.


Agirad provides trainings on toxicological or quality aspects. Courses typically consist out of a theoretical part and a practical part, adapted based on the customer’s need.


Explore our main services